Painted Wooden Cupboard Storage, Different Sizes White/Grey/Unpainted TV Cabinet

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WOLDS WOOD - Established in 2002
BESPOKE AND HANDMADE DESIGNS - All made in our workshop inYorkshire.

New to our range, matching and complementing our everpopular radiator cabinets.

The cupboards are deep enough to hold a SKY box for example, and could make a good TV cabinet. Supplied with a bottom shelf and anadjustable shelf to be positioned to your preference.

Choose your size, cupboard style and grille style to createyour perfect cupboard

If our Standard sizes are not right for you, have a look forour 'Custom Cabinet' listing as we can adjust any measurements to make itdeeper or shallower, taller, shorter or wider for example!

All our styles are made from sturdy 18mm MDF completed withyour choice of robust grille. The solidgrille is ideal for storage, the baroque for example is great if you need a bitof ventilation for Sky, XBOX, AV equipment, etc. These cupboards are constructed with no backpanel. Standard cut out for skirting isprovided on all styles, but you can easily enlarge this yourself forparticularly high skirting.

Each cupboard is supplied with all the fixings and is readyto assemble. There is a little moreassembly involved than our radiator cabinets, but if you're happy assembling akitchen cupboard or wardrobe for example, then you'll be fine. All that is needed is a cross head screwdriver,maybe a hammer, everyone likes hammers!

Standard Cupboard Sizes

Height — 860mm internal — 878mm external
Depth — 350mm internal — 370mm external (top shelf depth - 385mm)

Small (One door) Width — 900mm internal — 950mm external(top shelf width - 1000mm)
Medium (Two doors) Width — 1140mm internal — 1190mmexternal (top shelf width - 1240mm)
Large (Three doors) — Width - 1540mminternal — 1590mm external (top shelf width - 1640mm)
Extra Large (Fourdoors) — Width - 1940mm internal — 1990mm external (top shelf width - 2040mm)

Cupboards can be made as wide as 10 foot/3 Meters - pleasesee our XXXL Listing!

Cupboards can be made to different measurements, please seeour 'custom' listing for a price guide or email for further information.

The top shelf will overhang at the front and the sides. Thiscan be modified on custom cupboards. The standard cut out for skirting is 150mmx 30mm. You can enlarge this easily yourself with a hacksaw, or buy from ourcustom listing and send us the measurements you would prefer.

The internal measurements refer to the space inside the cupboard.The external measurements are the outside of your cupboard and of course arelarger than the inside measurements. These need to be taken into considerationif you have a doorframe close by or a windowledge immediately above.

Unpainted, Primed or Topcoated?

Unpainted - We have different prices depending on thefinish you choose. The most economical option is unpainted MDF. This means thatthe cupboard is sanded but otherwise unpainted.

Primed - If you choose the primed option, the cupboardis sanded and treated with primer and then you can paint with your own gloss oreggshell.

Primed and topcoated - like the primed version issanded, has been primed and then finished with a satin finish white paint. Wetry and get as perfect a finish as possible, but occasionally you may need totouch up some areas of the grille in the hard to reach places.

Shipping Times

We make all our products to order so can not usually shipimmediately. As a rough estimate we aim to send out around 7-8 weeks afterordering depending on the time of year and how busy we are. At busy times suchas the run up to Christmas (September onwards often), orders may take up to10/11 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the cupboard attach to the wall?
The cupboard is screwed onto the wall from inside. Though the deeper cupboards are freestandingand quite stable, we would always recommend fixing to the wall.

I can't see a phone number on the webpage?
Nikki handles all the questions and enquiries and is veryfriendly. She does however have a hearing issue and tends to avoid the phone,so we prefer correspondence by email. If you have a radiator with an issue thatis tricky to describe, please send us a photo as this always helps!

About Us
Wolds Wood are a rural family run business situated high onthe Yorkshire Wolds. As our products are made here in our workshop for you, wecan offer more flexibility on designs and sizing.