Made to Measure Radiator Covers or Standard Radiator Covers?

We make standard size and made to measure radiator covers.  Our standard sizes are:

Height – 860mm internal – 878mm external
Depth – 150mm internal – 180mm external
Small (One panel) Width – 900mm internal – 950mm external (Top shelf Width: 1000mm, Depth: 180mm)
Medium (Two panels) Width – 1140mm internal – 1190mm external (Top shelf Width: 1240mm, Depth: 200mm)
Large (Three panels) – Width - 1540mm internal – 1590mm external (Top shelf Width: 1640mm, Depth: 200mm)
Extra Large (Four panels) – Width - 1940mm internal – 1990mm external (Top shelf Width: 2040mm, Depth: 200mm)

The top shelf will overhang at the front and the sides.  This can be modified on custom cabinets.  The standard cut out for skirting is 125mm x 20mm.  You can enlarge this easily yourself with a hacksaw, or buy from our made to measure radiator cover listing and send us the measurements you would prefer.

The internal measurements refer to the space inside the cabinet so your radiator must be able to fit into this space.  The external measurements are the outside of your cabinet and of course are larger than the inside measurements.  These need to be taken into consideration if you have a doorframe close by or a windowledge immediately above.

Made to measure radiator covers

Made to Measure Radiator Covers - Measuring your Radiator

For the width, measure the radiator from side to side, remembering to include any valves or pipes that you would also like covering by the cabinet.  Measure the height from the floor to the top of radiator.  The depth is from the wall to the front of the radiator.  Make sure you allow a few cm for airflow and clearance.

The width of the cover will then be approximately 5cm more again due to the thickness of the MDF used.  Similarly the depth and height will increase by around 2cm.  The shelf at the top overhangs the cabinet.

If you have a particularly tricky radiator to cover, please send us a photo with the measurements, it's much easier to understand the problem that way - most issues can be overcome with a little ingenuity!

How to measure for your radiator cabinet