Made to Measure Radiator Covers

Hello!  If you are not aware, Wolds Wood is run by a husband and wife team, Dave and Nikki.  Dave is the craftsperson and tends to hide away in his workshop, while Nikki is the person you will speak to on email (and I am very friendly!).  I have been meaning to update our blog for a long time, and so here I am.  You can’t really say much on the ‘buying’ pages, and I wanted to talk more about our made to measure radiator covers.

Made to Measure Radiator Covers

We sell more made to measure radiator covers than standard these days, I think because we are the perfect solution to tricky radiators, whether they are too tall or long, or have a windowsill close above, making standard radiator covers just not fit right!  Having a radiator cover made to measure just for you is the sensible option – and we only charge £25 more to make it to your measurements, so it really makes sense!

Custom or Bespoke your Radiator Cover

We can make any of our cabinet styles to measure.  We can also add in a cut out for plugs, or for valves etc.  It’s a much more flexible way to buy a radiator cover.  All of the photos I share were sent to us by customers.  When we first started making radiator covers back in 2012 we took some of our own photos and quite frankly they were awful and didn’t do the radiator covers justice at all.  Looking back, I am surprised anyone bought any from us in the first place based on the terrible photos!  But buy they did, and they loved them so much they kindly sent us photos until I have built up a fab collection of photos over the years, that I will share with you now!

The Gothic Radiator Cover with Baroque Grille

made to measure radiator covers

The French Radiator Cover with Baroque Grille

made to measure radiator covers

The Shaker Radiator Cabinet with Horizontal Slats (we can make vertical slats too)

made to measure radiator cover

The Classic Radiator Cover with Fleur de Lys Grille



2 thoughts on “Made to Measure Radiator Covers

  1. Bernadette Mulcahy-Webster

    I have a 1200 radiator in my dinning room and struggled to source a radiator cover large enough to fit. Then I found Woldswood, where I was able to order the XXL. I took delivery of it last week and have to say it is beautiful. It was so easy to put together and fit to the wall, I managed to do it alone and I’m a 50 year young woman!!! I seriously can’t stop looking at it. Excellent quality and craftmanship, Would highly recommend.

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